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Tonya Holmstrom

1.  Train with Kayla

Kayla was an awesome addition to my fitness routine as she helped to mix up my existing workouts and provided much needed motivation and accountability. From pushing me harder (15-20 reps when I would’ve stopped at 10!) to helping with modifications needed due to years of running, training with Kayla was just the inspiration I needed. The battle ropes and boxing bag were just added bonuses!

2.  Live with Kayla

I am so proud of Kayla for being one of the very first in our area to train and provide workouts Live! This was was before we were forced to stay home so all the kinks were worked out and she just kept doing what she was doing!  She helps push you virtually, adds modifications for all fitness levels, reiterates proper form,  and is doing the workouts right there with you. The same breathless, burning, and sweating you have-she has!  As she needs a mental pick-me-up, she says things out loud, as she is human and knows we are too. We don’t all get up with a workout fire in our guts so sometimes you need some extra push. Live with Kayla kept me active and not bored while stuck at home. Plus, the workouts were recorded which allowed flexibility for when you did them and the ability to do them again another time.

3.  Boxing/Bootcamps with Kayla.

I LOVE the new boxing workouts that Kayla started at Family Wellness last fall…so much that I bought my own bag for home, gloves…the whole nine yards!  The boxing bootcamps provide high, medium, and low intensity levels all without the joint stress I have when running or jumping. Her boxing boot camps provide strength, cardio, balance, core and mental exercise – all in one. The mind-muscle connection is an awesome alternative to lifting in the gym or putzing along on an elliptical machine. Plus, it never hurts to kick or hit the bag…can you say stress relief!

Jill Nelson
I have been training with Kayla for almost 2 years, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Our sessions combine boxing, cardio, and weight training. She customizes each workout to my goals and ability. When I started training with Kayla I didn’t know anything about boxing. She helped me learn the basic moves and feel more confident as I am doing them. I always feel challenged during my sessions and accomplished when I am done. Kayla takes a genuine interest in her clients’ well-being and is willing to go above and beyond for their health.